ConventionALL Management is committed to corporate social responsibility initiatives and, more particularly, to environment friendly or “green” meetings. In fact, ConventionALL was the event company behind the first trial run of a ‘green’ event at Calgary TELUS Convention Centre. Click here to read the press release.

There are many ways to ensure your meeting is both eco-friendly and cost-effective. We will make every effort to adhere to eco-friendly practices in executing your conference and related events. We’ll also remain open to suggestions and recommendations, and will inform you of new options and trends throughout the planning process.

Some of the things we consider when selecting a site and planning a program for a more eco-friendly conference:

  • Comprehensive recycling program is in place for paper, organics, glass and aluminum
  • China service is used for coffee breaks, meals and receptions to cut down on waste
  • Organic kitchen waste is recycled and composted
  • Menu selections which feature local, in season, products
  • Participants asked to return their badge holders so they can be reused
  • PowerPoint slides used where appropriate instead of signs and banners in meeting rooms
  • Energy efficient lighting solution
  • BOMA approved, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products are utilized throughout the facility

Some eco-friendly initiatives also create cost-savings to the client and are indicated by the “$$” symbol:

  • Rely on email and the Internet for conference promotion and planning ($$)
  • Create and promote online pre-registration process ($$)
  • Employ double-sided copying whenever possible ($$)
  • Provide a BPA-free or stainless steel water bottle to all delegates – to be used in conjunction with water dispensers set up throughout the conference centre
  • Eliminating water glasses in meeting rooms
  • Make literature and hand-outs available at “help yourself” tables rather than in delegate bags ($$)
  • Ask sponsors to take left-over literature back to their offices
  • Create re-usable signage that is not date- or theme-specific and can be used year-to-year ($$) – better yet, the conference centre may also have electronic signage that can be used by clients
  • Organize shuttle bus transportation for multiple delegates moving to and from events
  • Post conference presentations on a central website or burn them to CD or USB keys as opposed to paper copies ($$)
  • Provide re-usable, recyclable delegate bags
  • Provide delegate registration kits items that are made from recycled materials or other natural materials
  • Donations to a selected charity on behalf of speakers rather than material gifts