Conference Services


ConventionALL Management offers a complete registration system for meeting planners. Our cutting-edge, online system generates accounting and capacity reports, confirmation reports and much more. We designed this on-line system with the ability to meet all of your registration needs.

ConventionALL Management will also staff and equip the registration desk, create, assemble and distribute all of the materials required by your event, organize name badges and signage, and all of your other registration needs.


The event is over, but the work is not! All of the data must be compiled and assessed. How many people attended? Where did they come from? Were they happy with the event? Are there materials that must be sent to attendees? Was the event a success financially?

ConventionALL Management will create an APEX Post-Event Report (Convention Industry Council standards). This report falls under the Accepted Practices Exchanges (APEX) initiative of the Convention Industry Council. This document is a collection of all details and activities of an event and will over time provide the complete history for an event.


ConventionALL Management staff will meet with you to assess past events, decide on future directions, and identify ways of using the event as a springboard to reach your goals. We will provide you with fresh ideas and recommendations for potential activities and format for your special event.


ConventionALL management can advise and assist on a first and final budget. We can also organize banking, bookkeeping and accounting details.

ConventionALL Management will also identify and investigate possible revenue sources, such as grants, sponsorships and donations.


ConventionALL Management can provide you with all of the technical and communications support required to assure you of success. From newsletters to emailing to website design, we can do it all.

ConventionALL Management will assist in preparing mailing lists, personalized letters, brochures, invitations, programs, media conferences and registration materials. Those who need to know about your event will know about your event!


ConventionALL Management will assist you in coordinating event arrangements. Advance and on-site registrations and meeting attendance will also be handled by our team, as will back-up administration and secretariat.

ConventionALL Management will also undertake negotiations on your behalf for hotel prices, rates and physical arrangements, food services and related services that your event requires.